Online retail changing the industrial landscape

The unabated growth of online retail is driving major changes in the industrial and retail landscape, with the lines between the sectors becoming increasingly blurred amid supply chain fragmentation.  

That was one of the key outtakes of CBRE’s annual Perth Market Outlook presentation, which highlighted the changing shape of both retail and industrial markets across the country, as the focus on convenience continues to strengthen. 

CBRE’s Senior Director for Supply Chain Services Christine Miller said the drive for efficiency and extreme convenience in retail was shifting the goal posts. 

“Previously, decisions were based around product and price, however, now we want everything customised and we want it today. It’s those preferences that are enabling automation to come into the supply chain, while at the same fragmenting it completely,” Ms Miller said. 

“Traditionally, retail products have been housed in large warehouses and distribution centres, however, the focus on same-day/immediate delivery is seeing more companies fragment their locations closer to end users.” 

Ms Miller said the mall experience was also expected to change dramatically in future years, as delivery services become increasingly sophisticated. 

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